Standing Orders

Adopted on 2nd June 2017 by majority vote of a referendum of the MCR, to go into effect alongside the new Constitution.


1.1 These Standing Orders shall be observed by all members of the MCR.
1.2 Amendments to the Standing Orders shall be subject to the provisions of the MCR Constitution.


2.1 The termly contribution for graduate, 4th year undergraduate and mature Members for the following year shall be set by a majority vote of the MCR Executive Committee at the end of Hilary Term, to increase yearly by no less than 2%”. Members who choose to opt out, as specified under section 2.8 of the Constitution, can do so by notifying the Secretary and the College Finance Office prior to the publishing of that term’s battels.
2.2 All Associate Members shall be levied a subscription fee with the rate set for the following year by a majority vote of the MCR Executive Committee at the end of Hilary term, to increase yearly by no less than 2%. A discounted membership fee as specified by section 7.3 below may be applied to those eligible.
2.3 Punting shall be provided in Trinity Term and the Long Vac for Members following annual payment of punting subscription fees.

MCR Committee

3.1 The additional posts elected to the EC shall be a Vice President, a Bar Manager, two Social Secretaries, and two Welfare Officers, one of whom will be male, the other female.
3.2 The Vice President, one Social Secretary, and one Welfare Officer shall be elected in Trinity Term, in accordance with section 5.4 and 6.5 of the Constitution.
3.3 EC positions not elected in Trinity Term shall be elected at the first Assembly of Michaelmas Term.
3.4 The Vice President shall assist the President with his or her duties and shall be acting President in the absence of the President.
3.5 In the absence of the Vice President, the Secretary shall be acting Vice President; in the absence of the Secretary, the Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the Secretary.
3.6 The EC may combine the roles of Secretary and Vice President into a single role, without a need for a vote at a GA, should one of the positions remain unfilled following an election.
3.7 The Social Secretaries shall arrange social events for the MCR.
3.8 The Welfare Secretaries will work together to organise welfare provision for MCR members and liaise with the relevant authorities to that end. It is expected that both Welfare Officers will attend the University Peer Support Training Programme. The candidates for the positions of Welfare Officers must expect to remain enrolled in the University for at least one further year after the election.
3.9 The Bar Manager shall stock, run and see to the accounts of the MCR bar. The bar accounts shall be presented at an MCR general meeting once a term.
3.10 Additional positions elected to the MCR Committee shall include representatives and officers for Oriel Talks, Equalities and Diversity Officer, Second Desserts, Environment, Sports, Social, Welfare, Mature Students/Families, LGBTQ, and International Students.
3.11 These positions and offices to be elected under section 3.10 shall be subject to review and amendment by majority vote of an Assembly.

Procedure at Elections

4.1 Elections shall be held in accordance with section 6.1-6.8 of the MCR Constitution.
4.2 Election of an EC during Trinity Term shall be held by online vote. All other elections shall be held at an Assembly, with the singular exception of when voting on motions is to be held online due to the circumstances laid out in article 3.8 of the constitution.
4.3 A candidate for a post may not canvass for support in a systematic manner (including, but not being restricted to, mailings, posters, online campaigning, and use of email lists), or permit others to canvass on their behalf.
4.4 Quorum for the purposes of an election held online is considered to be identical to that for Constitutional amendment, as specified in section 7.2 of the Constitution.
4.5 Quorum for the purposes of an election at an Assembly is considered to be identical to that for that for any other motion at that Assembly, as specified in section 3.2 of the Constitution.
4.6 Should no candidates be forthcoming for a committee position, the election of that officer or representative shall be re-held at the following GA. Should no candidates be forthcoming at the second GA, the position shall be considered suspended for one year, to be reinstated at the beginning of the next academic year.
4.7 Should a student express a desire to run for a suspended role after the second GA of the year, an election may be held for that position. If the candidate is successful, they shall fulfil their role for the remainder of the academic year. If the candidate is unsuccessful, the position shall remain suspended, and further elections to the role will be held at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


5.1 The Treasurer or President may authorise expenditures from MCR funds of up to £100.
5.2 Expenditures of more than £100, but less than £500, require the approval of the Executive Committee.
5.3 Expenditures of more than £500 require the approval, by majority vote, of the MCR.

Guests and Private Parties

6.1. Members are responsible for the behaviour of those admitted as their guests under section 2.6 of the Constitution.
6.2 Members wishing to bring more than five guests to the MCR should notify the MCR President and the Lodge in advance.
6.3 No Member may host more than two members of the JCR as guests without prior approval of the President.
6.4 Members may hold parties in the MCR. Members wishing to do so should request permission from the President at least a week in advance to ensure that the room is available and request permission from the Deans. An open invitation to all Members must be posted three days in advance. Parties organised by societies and other groups may not be held in the MCR.

Associate Membership

7.1 Candidates for Associate Membership of the College must be proposed and seconded by Members of the MCR. Associate Members shall be elected by majority vote, subject to the consent of the College and conditions authorised by the MCR.
7.2 Associate Members of the College shall be full members of the MCR under section 2.5 of the Constitution.
7.3 A discounted Associate Membership rate will be applied to partners of current MCR Members or Oriel graduates currently studying at the University, with the rate for the following year set by a majority vote of the MCR Executive Committee at the end of Hilary term, to increase yearly by no less than 2%.
7.4 The numbers of Associate Members shall be limited to a number agreed between the EC and the College, which may change from time to time.
7.5 In the event there are more Associate Members nominated by the MCR than the number agreed with the College, recommendations to College shall be according to the following priority:

  • Partners of current Oriel graduate students
  • Orielenses currently affiliated with the University
  • Orielenses not currently affiliated with the University
  • All others

7.6 Election as an Associate Member is tenable for a single year only. Members may re-nominate for a maximum of two additional years.
7.7 Former MCR Presidents shall be offered Associate Membership, contingent upon application and payment of Membership fees, for the three years following the completion of graduate study at the College.

The MCR Bar

8.1 The purchase of alcohol for the MCR and its supply must be managed by the EC, supervising the Bar Manager.
8.2 No arrangements are to be made for any person, apart from the MCR at large, to receive a commission, percentage, or similar payment on purchases of alcohol by the MCR.
8.3 The operating schedule of the MCR Bar must be published to the members of the MCR at least one week in advance of each academic term and approved by the Senior Dean or the representatives of the Senior Dean.
8.4 Only the members of the EC or Bar Staff may enter the area behind the MCR bar whilst alcohol is being served. No person not a Member of the MCR shall be a member of Bar Staff, serve alcohol, or enter the area behind the bar whilst alcohol is being served without the permission of the Domestic Bursar.

Votes and Referenda

9.1 To exercise their right to a proxy vote a Member must notify the Secretary or President in writing, before five minutes after the start time of the Assembly or during the Assembly in the event that a member must leave the GA prematurely, naming the Member whom they wish to vote on their behalf.
9.2 Any Member may hold 3 proxy votes or unlimited proxy votes in case of a College lockdown.
9.3 An Online Vote or Referendum may be called by the EC or an Assembly. A quorum for the purposes of an Online Vote or Referendum shall be the same as defined under section 7.2 of the Constitution.

Events and Activities

10.1 The EC shall arrange for Freshers’ Week events and activities, including activities in Weeks -1 and -2 for early arrivals. A budget of £1500 from MCR funds shall be provided for these events.
10.2 The EC shall arrange for termly Guest Nights, the cost of which shall be subsidized up to £500 per Guest Night to be paid from MCR funds.
10.3 The EC shall arrange an annual exchange with Trinity College Dublin (TCD), the cost of which shall be subsidized up to £1000 from MCR funds. Only Oriel graduate students or fourth-year undergraduates shall be eligible for the TCD exchange.
10.4 The EC shall arrange for an annual Committee Dinner, the cost of which shall be subsidized up to £500 from MCR funds.

The old MCR Constitution and Standing Orders may be found here.