What is Oriel Talks?

Oriel Talks is an initiative by the Middle Common Room to promote the research interests of members across the College. With contributions from SCR, MCR & JCR members, and the whole College invited, we hope to prompt wider academic debate amongst members. After a series of short talks, we will continue discussion at a High Table dinner, before Second Desserts in the MCR.

24th May

Trinity Term, 2022

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Upcoming Speakers

At the next Oriel Talks we will listen to talks by:

Hannah Jauncey

Marie Kaul

Vincente Garcia

Revealed Preference – Marie Kaul

I will talk about an empirical method in economics: revealed preference. In my talk, I will explain what questions we can (and cannot) answer using revealed preference and discuss its merits relative to other empirical methods.

I am currently wrapping up on the second year of the MPhil in Economics here in Oxford, after having graduated from my undergraduate at the University in Manchester in 2020. My research interests are in applied microeconomics, with a particular focus on gender issues.

Diseases, Data and Discoveries – Hannah Jauncey

A talk focusing on the contribution, curation and re-use of data for infectious diseases research. We will discuss data collection during emerging infectious disease studies, the benefits of creating a data-sharing platform and the research made possible through the availability of this resource.

Hannah is a member of the Data Management team at the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO). As a Data Manager, her role is centred around the curation of clinical and epidemiological data sets which are submitted to IDDO. Prior to joining IDDO, Hannah has worked as a doctor for the NHS and completed a Master’s in Global Health Science and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford.

Inflation Risks and Monetary Policy – Vincente Garcia

Global inflation is perhaps the biggest macroeconomic challenge we face right now. The recovery from the pandemic, mismatches between supply and demand, and bottlenecks in supply chains have led to the most rapid increase in prices in over 40 years. In this brief presentation I aim at explaining the basics of inflation, what can go wrong, and showcase some of the questions being asked by academics and policymakers to address the issue.

Vincente has worked as a Financial Researcher for the Central Bank of Mexico and Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Mexico. He has also worked as a Public Credit Lecturer on Economic Analysis of Law, Monetary Policy, and Microeconomics, ITAM.

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