Freshers’ Week Committee Elections 2019

Get Involved!

The remaining MCR Committee positions are up for election in the first General Assembly meeting, held on Sunday 13th October (1st week, Michaelmas term). They are a great way to get involved with and help to shape the MCR as well as meeting lots of people:

  • Social Secretary
    MCR Manager
    Second Desserts Rep
    International Rep

  • Social Reps Team
    Welfare Secretary
    LGBTQ Rep
    JMH Rep

The majority of MCR positions are elected in first week to give students who will only have one year as a member of the MCR the chance to stand for a position in the Committee. We have had very enthusiastic masters and 4th year students on the Committee in the past and hope that this year will be even better!

If you are interested or have any questions, please email any of the committee or ask us in Freshers’ Week.